Fashion Frames MenThe designer eyewear industry has a lot to offer for all the stylish men out there. From sports eyeglass frames to the sharp business look eyeglass frames, designer eyeglass frames for men are all about high quality, style and functionality.

– Frames Style

Designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ray Ban, Hugo Boss and many others offer simple functional styles that would allow you to have a simple, yet elegant look for your office meetings but also for a day with your family. For an elegant, sophisticated look you can choose men’s rimless eyeglass frames that will make your glasses look almost invisible.

Brands like Adidas make reliable sports eyeglass frames that will blend durable and lightweight materials with edgy sports designs to allow you to enjoy playing sports, while also making sure your glasses won’t break.

– Functionality

To get the most out of your frames, you need to pick the frame materials that will make your glasses last longer and suffer from less damage. The most durable eyeglass frames for men, are made of titanium, flexon or stainless steel. While most of them are corrosive resistant and highly durable, flexon, a titanium based alloy will also allow your frames to be bent or twisted without any damage to their original shape or aspect.

For a younger stylish look you can choose plastic frames that come in various styles and colors. They will be made of the thinnest most lightweight plastic.

– Special features

For state of the art comfortable eyeglass frames, there are some special features your frames should definitely have.

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Make sure you buy frames that have stronger and wider bridges. These will allow for your frame to hold together for a longer time. You also want to choose flex arm frames that will allow for you to easily remove your glasses with one hand without damaging the visual setting and the balancing of the lenses.