Picture frames

Picture frames are the ones that seal our memories and that are proudly sitting our bed night stand or office top. They say a picture is worth more than 1000 words, but to really do it justice, the frame definitely sets the tone for those 1000 words once can only think of when looking at a picture.

– Custom picture frames

Fashion picture frames will add that precious valuable look to your beloved memories and will allow a memory to become the greatest gift, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or any other special day. A custom made picture frame that incorporates your own design shows a high level of appreciation and dedication. You can create your own custom picture frame by buying picture frames made of plain wood and paint little personalized details with some acrylic paint. For a glossy look that will make your hottest memories shine you can even use shiny nail polish instead of paint.

– Engraved picture frames

For personalized, pretentious gift you can choose silver or metal engraved frames, you can engrave with your warmest and prettiest wishes or just with your couple’s initials. These are perfect for weddings, anniversaries or graduation gifts,

– Vintage picture frames

To keep your grandma’s memories intact while also making sure you family heritage is here to stay, you can try matching up black and white or sepia picture with vintage frames to really show the passing of time and allow for these memories to build up more value, while also looking great among your newest photos.

Whichever your style is make sure you always keep your memories framed in the right picture frame. You can buy picture frames online or explore the various designs in a department store or even an antique’s market. Feel free to customize them by adding in your own design or touch, to truly make them worth of your memories.

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