Fashion Frames SunglassesFashion frames are the most essential optical accessories when it comes to sunglasses. We all use sunglasses during the summer and having some fashionable stylish ones is always a must.

– Designer sunglass trends

For coming up with the latest sunglass trends, designers update their collection every year adding more creativity to the frames.

In the past summers the aviator style sunglass frames as well as the retro big 60s like sunglass frames were the hip styles to go. The style of sunglasses Jackie Kennedy wore in 1978 from the famous fashion house Nina Ricci, were re-launched last year and the model name- Jackie O- is honoring Jackie Kennedy’s unique fashion style.

For this summer, the hottest trends, when it comes to sunglass frames, focus on a vintage retro sunglass look simplified with shiny plastic frames that combine vivid colors and patterns, all built on a simple yet unique design. They also focus on simple color, complex design sunglasses that reveal the celebrity glamour one sees in Hollywood. Another new trend is adding graphic elements to the sunglass frame especially on the temple. Ed Hardy’s collection is full of colorful graphically designed sunglasses.

– Celebrity sunglasses

Some celebrities have set the trends when it comes to the latest and most hip sunglasses, From Tom Cruise in Top Gun to Jennifer Lopez in her “Love don’t cost a thing” music video, celebrities are fashion trend setters in fashion, and sunglasses are among one of their favorite accessories. Some celebrities like Britney Spears, Sophia Loren, Linda Evans, Donald Trump, and Jerry Garcia have developed their own collections of sunglasses. Their collections will match their notorious image and will allow their fans to get a better glimpse of their style.

– Sports sunglasses

For all the sports fans out there, summer brings in many cool sports you can enjoy. Sports sunglasses are especially designed to allow you to enjoy playing your sport under the shining sun, without any UV rays harming your eyes. You can use clip on sunglasses that you can carry anywhere and if you are a surfer you can enjoy surfing while also wearing surfers’ sunglasses.

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