Fashion Frames WomenIf you buy the latest fashion clothes and shoes, why should eyewear be any different? You now have aplenty of options when it comes to fashion eyewear frames. Fashion eyewear is driven by the creativity of all fashion houses that add a designer eyewear collection to their clothing and accessory lines.

– Frame Style

Each designer has customized their collection to reflect the whole style pattern of their fashion house. For simple and practical styles you can try Channel, Ralph Lauren or Silhouette. They are known for high quality simple and elegant frames. For a more complex and sophisticated look, you can try Prada, D&G, DKNY or Dior. They will have eclectic styles from office looks, colorful frames, leopard print frames or even bejeweled frames. Regardless of your tastes, you can easily find your favorite pair of designer glasses: from elegant to sophisticated or even funky glasses!

– Frame materials

Designers blend in different types of metals and plastic in trying to come up with the lightest high quality frames, able to make you forget you are even wearing glasses. One of the most frequently used metal materials is titanium, which allows frames to a have a sheer silver look, while also being durable and very light. Aluminum optical frames are also widely used, and one of their advantages is that they are corrosive resistant while also being lightweight. Ask for your optician’s advice when it comes to choosing the material right for you.

– Accessories

To protect your frames and add an ounce of even more style, designers have developed eyewear accessories like eyeglass cases and cords. They will allow you to protect your glasses and they will also have your designer’s stylish look wherever you carry your glasses.

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